Tuesday, May 25, 2010


 “ resting in the shade of her trust,
she dreamed her dreams -
and then got up to live them.
~terri st.cloud~

click on the picture to enlarge the feeling that these little girls are having...
freedom, trust, and motion! 
Then tell me what your dream is and 
how are you going to live it out? 
Come on, let's get up and GO! 


rebecca said...

trust is an open field of bright true eyed flowers. the warm summer air lifting your heart like a pure white sail onto an open lake. trust is believing both the heights of joy and the dark shadowy undertow.

dream? to live life moment by moment with the intensity of blooming flowers, open, radiant, present and willing.

Staci Danford said...

Precious picture.. I wanted to get on with them.. My dream has always been to live a fairytale LOVE story and own an incredible store filled with things I make.. I've done my part of the LOVE story if only that darn man of mine would get busy on his... and my store.. right now is just a dream.. boo hoo... but there is always someday.

kt said...

my biggest dream is to own a garden, not rent a work in my landlord's garden like I do now, but it is mine and all the work I put into I can one day in my nineties enjoy, as i sit back in my porch rocker and smoke tobacco in my corn cob pipe.

Teteel said...

Τhat i want most in my life is to face my fears. Ι want to be released from them.I want to feel lighter. I want to honor the meaning of my name: Freedom. I owe that to little girl who lives inside my heart. Fears hold me back and i want to move forward.... And a big dream is to travel to Texas to meet you, sweet Deb. Much love.