Wednesday, May 5, 2010

things that go bump in the night

So finally after we got our house back to ourselves, minus a family of squirrels, I was awakened at 2 am by something strange in my bedroom...thinking I was no longer alone, and maybe a baby squirrel was trying to find a cozy nest, I jumped outa bed to find this Mammoth Moth...seriously the size of a baby squirrel.


Kim Mailhot said...

It is beautiful now that it is still. But I would have had the hibby-jibbies for the rest of the night !!! Moths are one of those "unpredictable" bugs that I freak over - you know the kind that could bump into your face or on to your skin with their big hairy body!!! Ewwwww!
How did this guy end up inside ?
You live a very interesting life, Beautiful One !
(Check out the symbolism of the Moth here : - a big gguy like that must have a message for you !)
Big Love !

Unknown said...

How weird is that... I also came across one of those last night. I was sitting here typing away on my computer and something flew into me... as in, SPLATflutterflutterflutter. I nearly fell out of my chair, it scared me so bad. It was one of these fellows- no idea how he got in the house unnoticed! I scooped him up and put him back outside before the cats could find him.

donna baker said...

It just so happens I was painting one today in gouache. It is a Cecropia moth-a giant silk moth. I think it is so beautiful. A luna moth has been crashing into my window at night. I told my husband I was going to sell the painting on etsy and he said, "who would want to buy a moth painting?"