Saturday, July 23, 2011


Good Morning!!

How are you today?


Oh I am fine, really crazy busy. Life is sensationally interesting.

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for stopping by.

I know you are here. I feel you.

And I just wanted to let you know I love my Bloggyhood Freinds!

love, Deb

P.S. Should I get my first tattoo today?

I'm just saying, it feels like that kind of a day...!


Dawn said...

Life sure is interesting... I've been tossing around the idea about a tattoo too LOL...

Wonder what you may get?... for me I'm thinking of some wings on my shoulder blades. Hmmmmm...

I love you.


beth said...

hell yes....get one !
i can't believe you don't have some already :)

Park Texas said...

Must be karma! Literally stumbled across your name via Round Top Inn. Gettin' my Pedialyte TODAY!

windrock studio said...

Hey there, it's so soothing for me to see your lovely face and read your sweet words, I needed that!
I got my one and only tattoo in '79, had it recolored and added to thru the years and never once regretted it. I have it on the upper edge of my left wrist so I can see and enjoy it.
You sure seem like a tat kinda girl to me! Something that would celebrate all these amazing things you are doing

Anonymous said...

love how you refer to it as 'your first' tattoo ... meaning more to come? ink it up, deb! xx

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Yes to the tattoo. I have several and I am almost 58. Got my first at 48.

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi beautiful ! Miss you too but so glad life is okay and good busy from what I can see.
Tattoo - why not ? It it will make you smile even once, I say go for it.
What will you get ?
I don't have any but if I ever do (maybe for my 50th ?) I would get "Love is the answer" in some awesome script-y thing on my inner left arm where I can see it all the time.
Big love to you and your tattoo. ;-)

Meri said...

You are gorgeous, through and through.

Kathleen Barnes said...

Hello, lovely YOU. I have been daydreaming a tatoo..a dragonfly on the back of my if it just landed there. They are creatures of earth, air and water and I just love that..alas, I donate my very rare O- blood as often as I can and a tatoo would put me out of the giving for almost a year....sigh..maybe when I grow -up :)

I'm a Late Bloomer said...

YEAH you should! Just because......

Anonymous said...

Deb! What asweet hello. I am so silent these days in the blog land. Seem to be unable to find my voice.
I just recently got 2 old tattoos renewed. Yes, you should get one!

LB said...

Just stopping by to say hello, I must have felt you calling. And I hope you got that tattoo. Happy Monday to you, Deb!