Tuesday, July 19, 2011

purple goodness

Asian Eggplant
Purple Okra

Globe Eggplant

Artichoke Flower

Picked a bucket of eggplant today
for Babaganoush

Okra Blossoms


Hashi said...

I didn't know that okra grew upwards. I imagined that they would hang down. Learn something new every day! Thanks, Deb

beth said...

is it just me or do some of these look dirty....you know what i mean, you little goddess you :)

Farmer Brad said...

Nice shots!

Cheryl said...

I am coming over NOW!!!

Fry me some okra, quick!

Lyn said...

Now I'm hungry for okra! Steamed, boiled and slimy, pickled, in gumbo - and yes, even fried!

rebecca said...

i love young okra...plucked with grateful hands and tossed directly into the open mouth!
we are just about to grill our first
colander full of asian eggplant....
pickled? tell me more!

Unknown said...

your garden is just stunning...we tried artichokes this year, not sure if they will grow well in CO, we'll see! I'll be watching for that purple flower!