Tuesday, August 16, 2011

52 Photos Project

So I did.
I bought one of those tiny one-time-use 35 mm cameras
No zoom. No display. No timer. No delete.

I shot the entire roll in one afternoon 

 I kinda love the fuzzy, muted vintage look

It felt like I was using a child's toy, 
but now that I love these photos, 
I just might play like a kid once again
and buy another disposable camera.
Thanks Bella for this challenge!


Anonymous said...

Oh my these are just great. So many memories are evoked by the thought of these little toy cameras.
Your world and the things that surround you are so fascinating to me.

rebecca said...

i especially love your pondering angel, ...why could this be my self portrait today? is it the moss and age collecting on her every thought or her hand cupping her check like a lost prayer?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I especially love the rocking chairs and the fence post. These really got me itching to dig out my old film camera! Great photos.

Meri said...

Fun series! And I was picked for the birthday tutu, so I'm awaiting its arrival.

Miss Robyn said...

what a fun thing to do! I have been dreadfully sick and your posts have been entertaining me each day - thanks tons xo

beth said...

oh film....i do miss you sometimes !

urban muser said...

these are great! good for you for taking up the challenge :)