Sunday, August 21, 2011

just a rockin and a talkin

I spent three hours with my friend Laurence, 
   rocking and talking on his backporch

We swatted flies.

He told stories.

I listened...

and laughed at his clever jokes and salty humor

this was our view

I sipped wine from his grandmas juice glass

and at the end of the day...

                    our hearts were swollen, breezes had quieted, and summer seemed softer


Noelle Clearwater said...

Hi Deb,
That sounds like the kind of day that I would like to have! There is something just lovely about spending an afternoon with an older person. One's perspective of life and sense of the world is shifted in a very beautiful and fragile way. So much wisdom and life experience can be shared in just one conversation. Thanks for sharing your sweet day.

rebecca said...

thank you for intimacy,
dabbled light, the timber of voices from long gone days.
i love the light halo around his head....and the sway of rocking chairs on old front porches.

so grateful to sit a spell with you...even from afar.

Miss Robyn said...

lovely, just lovely Deb. sounds like a perfect late summer afternoon.

Saun said...

This is so sweet love the view. I'm sure you made his day :)

Anonymous said...

You captured the mood and the moment...thank you for this August break and for letting us slowly rock along side.


Hashi said...

How wonderful.