Thursday, August 11, 2011

Links of Love, Sharing the Joy

Here is a short list of worthy links 
to read that I think will make your day!

be kind to yourself first

a true love story that lives on, and on, and on

artwork by Rita Loyd
you will be happy you clicked this link

Do you want to play along with spreading the joy?
Come on over to my friend Meris Blog
and get your JOY on

 Joy Movement


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

i was in your self portrait website and i drooled you are so good, i want you to come to San Diego and take pictures of me and make me look so beautiful like you

Meri said...

What great introductions to some powerfully creative and loving-exuding women. Thanks, Deb! (As always, love the self-portrait and the woman behind it).

Unknown said...

So glad I found Meri and you and all the rest today. Great photos for sure and I am learning.

Unknown said...

Off to visit your links...

your face brings me JOY this morning!


foxysue said...

I love linking with you Deb, and this is a particularly joyous shot.

Sue x

rebecca said...

you are as beautiful as ever.

Kathleen Barnes said...

Oh my, what a tale of love living on and on. What beauty in all that love. Thank you for this one, dear!

Dawn Elliott said...

You are so beautiful...

Cheryl said...

I always enjoy visiting you because you take me to fun places.

Ani said...

Your self portrait is amazing. Thanks you for also introducing us to other amazing artists. I was unfamiliar with Rita Loyd's work, but it is stunning. -Lola from Buddhatropolis

Steve said...

I love the pic! I hope all is grand. Michelle and I recently watched a video 'Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.' We were blown away. I have a post about it on my blog and a link to the full video and a short vid of the two artist that created the remarkable space. Thought you might like it.

Keep the spirit.

Noelle Clearwater said...

These were very beautiful Deb. I was moved beyond words by Monday hearts for Madalene. I subscribed. Thank you my friend.Rita Lloyd's book looks wonderful and her paintings are amazing. Have a wonderful evening.