Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Poo

here's looking at you Deb

As I continue to walk softly, eat healthy, simplify and 
focus on the present moment 
I decided to eliminate bad shampoo/conditioner products. 
I am going No Poo using only baking soda to wash 
and  organic Apple Vinegar to rinse
My hair can be beautiful, but right now it is limp, dry, crunchy 
and falling out alot! 
Some say it is due to my Vegetarian lifestyle. POO!
Maybe it's just what happens to 53 year old girls like me!

Scary, huh?

Under the plastic bag on my head is olive oil, honey and egg, my weekly conditioner
So while doing it's magic, I masked my face with a mixture of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg 
and after about 10 minutes it was beginning to sting and run down my neck! 
My face felt smooth, rosy and kissable tasting like Apple Pie!!

 I am also making my own Laundry Powders and Dishwasher Soap

I am sick and tired all the shit in our food and
wasteful household products 
we pay way too much money for.

Come on now....even the Healthy Choices are loaded with crap


(Sorry, some folks get on their soapbox about religion, politics or reality shows...)

My reality is changing AGAIN from consumer to

Nuff said.

If you are interested in recipes/inspiration click the links below.
They work for me!

I use Citric Acid, not Koolaide

If you read the comments, it answers your concerns for HE Washers

In the meantime I am having some fun sewing again
making aprons from t-shirts!


Kathleen Barnes said...

I LOVE your aprons. I really wear aprons all the time...gotta have pockets, though!The morning person one would frighten my husband. My energy in the mornings scares him. If he had to read it he would hide under the bed until lunch! I agree on the chemical thing. Living simple is easier than most folks think!

Ms. Becky said...

i really wish you were my neighbor.

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

I've been no poo for exactly seven days today. Gotta tell ya, my straight hair is so beautiful now. I don't think you'll ever get me to go back to shampoo and conditioner. It's just amazing, have fun with it! I'm also changing a lot of other things too....much to the dismay of my family, but such is life. It's not about them - ha! Hugs.

Miss Robyn said...

welcome to the world of no chemicals.. I am not completely shampoo free but mine is 100%organic. next step will be POO free.. but I use no chemicals anywhere in my home or on my body otherwise. dry and brittle hair.. do you consume enough good oils? like fish oil, linseed oil etc?

Miss Robyn said...

oh and ps.. yeah my hair is thinning too.. 53 years old.. :) ox

rebecca said...

dear sweet adorable YOU!

i heart you completely. you with the honey stained me the cosmetic world has nothing on us!

i am with you all the natural way.

(but the siamese deb twin is slightly creepy!!!)


Meri said...

Did Matt come lick your neck? And I've found some totally organic shampoo that only has ingredients I can recognize. Since I started eliminating the icky stuff, I've been shedding less hair...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I quit using shampoo and conditioner last November, after reading a story in the New York Times. Unfortunately, I had to use the evil stuff once--just once!--in June to get the sand out of my hair after a dip in the ocean in Oahu. Plain water just wouldn't dislodge the grit.

chris said...

My neighbor and I started making our own cleaners this summer. I am on my second go-round of home made laundry detergent and have discovered the only thing that will clean my old porcelain tub - Dawn mixed with vinegar. I've never had such a clean bathtub and sink. Haven't quite gone so far to abandon the shampoo yet.

Cheryl said...

I love your idea of making your own soaps, conditioners, and detergents. I am loving your aprons. I want to make one of my own.

foxysue said...

I think recycling has gone full circle, I can remember the days when mum used one simple soap, did everything! You get so sick of seeing new improved this that and the other. The older I get the more simple I need!

Good for you Deb.

BTW my hair completely fell out when I was 50, has come back but I get bald patches here and there. I think it is linked to the 'BIG M'

Suzanne Fogarty Photography said...

Oh I LOVE this post!!! I'm going to try the honey mask - my fav has always been mixing honey with superfine suger as a face scrub/leave on mask. Best stuff ever! xoxo

Kim Mailhot said...

Love and light and happy living beautiful Deb !
Those aprons are remarkably gorgeous !!! Happy Sewing too !

Unknown said...

good for you and thank you for all the links!

yes yes...even the healthy food is loaded with crap. I am in heaven being able to live off the garden!
I thank you for your particular soapbox.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Deb~ Thanks for bringing up all those products--definitely can make better personal items ourselves. I just read that bubble bath is bad for us (darn!). That could also be re-created using pure essential oils...
Love the creative aprons! They look like collages! There should be more than just two Debs!

windrock studio said...

Hey Deb, very interested in no poo, I tried shampoo bars with all good stuff but my hair didn't like it much. Would you please let me know how your lovely silver tresses react to the baking soda?
Great post and gorgeous aprons!

Serena Lewis said...

Fantastic post! I'm pescetarian (a vegetarian who eats seafood)...tho I have very little seafood. I'm 52 tho my hair started thinning when I was 40 and I was a meat eater then. Anywhoo, I so agree with you re. all the chemicals and preservatives etc., and we DO NEED to read labels.

Btw, love the aprons!