Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas is on fire-UPDATE

I just received word from Laura's Mom that both Tim and Lauras employers have been generous with the next 6 months 
of living expenses, so there is not a monetary need right now. But oh how those boys love their Beanie Babies!!
and Laura is on the streets helping 
her neighbors with their own losses.
She is just that kind of gal!

....and we are OK...but thousands 
         of families are not. 

photo by me
Our friends above lost their home, 
burned to the ground.

 photos by Laura
and all the boys have asked for 
is Beanie Babies. Got some? 
You can mail them to 
PO Box 2177 
Bastrop, TX 78602

Laura Cruise is the daughter of my 
neighbors Linda & Richard Hamilton of 

photo by me December 2010


Dianne said...

What a lovely family... such a tragedy... I wish I could help, but we are in dire straights as well... lost my job a few weeks ago, as well as hubby's health problems... but if this photo (Dec 2010) says anything about them... they will be fine... as they have each other and friends like you. God bless Deb...

deb did it said...

You are right Dianne, they are a strong loving family unit. I am sorry for your tough times...I wish for better times for you in the very near future.

Miss Robyn said...

communities always come to the party in times like this - the generosity of people shows all is well in the world. dreadful and sad that they lost their home.. it will take them through all manner of emotions but it seems they have a strong and loving network of friends xo

Dawn Elliott said...

I'm so in tune with the fires in Texas because my parents lost their home in the AZ Rodeo Fire about 10 years's so hard to comprehend the loss and helplessness. Prayers for all who are in the path of devestation.
I wish I had some beanie babies!!!

rebecca said...

i remember waking up one night as my mother turned on the light beside my bed. i could not have been more than five. she told me that a friends home had burned down and they had lost everything. would i be willing to give anything to the little girl who was my age? oh yes, please take her an armload of clothes, a nightgown....and my favorite doll.

i am on the hunt for beanie babies.

Summer said...

two little owls are on their way there.