Tuesday, September 13, 2011

this day

Just about the time I felt a bit relaxed about the local fires and smoky air we are trying to breathe, I drive 5 miles from here to see a field on fire.It was so swift. The 7 units were all racing from tree to tree with water hoses and trucks. It was only about 5 acres, and they had it under control in less than one hour. But my stomach was in my throat. My heart pounded. I just can't imagine the magnitude of this kind of disaster that has claimed the lives and homes of so many, near and far.

We are still under such a severe drought warning and smoking ban
which is a huge concern with the upcoming Antique Festival 
as thousands of people arrive 
for the next few weeks.
This video BASTROP FIRE  
has some amazing,unbelievable  images of the recent fires 
I have a renewed respect for Firefighters everywhere.
Several of these men lost their own homes 
while they were fighting these fires

The tension is as thick as our 102 degrees hot afternoons
with the sounds of sirens on roads nearby...neighbors call each other,
checking in.

But on a much lighter note...

..we are still getting ready for Happy Belly days!!


Hashi said...

Dear Deb, I am thinking of you and Matt and hoping that you (and Heritage Haus) stay safe. Best wishes for the Happy Belly stint!

Cheryl said...

Dearest Deb, I love your story today.

Meri said...

Yeah, not a fan of the heat and fires, but I'd love to have you feed me and make my belly happy.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you have something good to focus on in light of all the horrible fires. I also went back and read your Inspiring post...HELL YES!


beth said...

thinking of all of you in texas....and praying for rain !

windrock studio said...

Beth just said what I was going to say ~ so many are thinking of y'all and hoping the fires end soon ... and, yes, bless those firefighters!