Saturday, November 26, 2011

Junk Gypsies on HGTV

My friends Amie and Jolie aka "Junk Gypsies" 
will be featured tomorrow night (Sunday) 
on HGTV for their premeire series 
coming next Spring!
If you are an Facebook, 
you can see a sneak peek here

I've worked with them the past several weeks...
sewing behind the scenes,
cooking for the crew
and photographing their beautiful sweet spirits!
click here for a previous post

So many secrets I can not reveal at this time until the show airs next Spring!

But in the meantime, please tune in 
tomorrow night  to HGTV 
for a teaser premiere
and then next Spring, 
13 more weeks of their 
Hippie-Junky-Gypsy shows
will air...
and maybe get a glimpse of me too!
and Happy Belly!


Anonymous said...

DeBBBBBB!!!!!! thank you soooo much for this post and for helping us spread the word! you've been a jack of all trades the past few months! we thank you and our bellies thank you!!!
jolie, amie and janie

rebecca said...

i love you deb and celebrate your many diverse gifts!

Steve said...

Deb, we just watched the Junk Gypsies and they are awesome!! So sweet and spunky. Thanks for posting this or we would not have known. We love HGTV but had not heard about it. I think there is a show out there somewhere Deb's name on it! All the best and enjoy the cooler warmer weather. Cheers! Steve