Thursday, February 9, 2012

new addiction

Santa gifted me an iPad
   That Bastard.
      I say that in such a loving sort of way...

I am now addicted to Instagram 
        and iPhone photos...

my Mom's hands

yadda yadda yadda...I know, I am late 
           on this new way to shoot and share

I knew I would love it.

Kinda like cocaine...that's why I never tried it...
       cuz thought I might like it too much

For just one moment in time, 
  personal, selfish, instant gratification. you spoke your mind, 
   shared your view or perhaps made some one smile ...
     on the other side of the world, maybe just around the corner...
 they needed a hug
     an uplifting image
          or message of inspiration.

Instantly. You did it.

@debdidit Instagram

So what's your JOY this week?

Meri and friends are sharing 
the JOY MOVEMENT over here


Bella said...

My joy is seeing your pics w/ your mom at the beach :)
I'm very new to instagram too. I caved in when everyone I know had an iphone... LOL. xo

michelle gd said...

also new to instagram...loving it...yes, addicted...

especially love the pic of your mom's hands with all the greens...

kt40s said...

this is going to be such fun seeing what you see!