Sunday, June 3, 2012

postcard from paradise

from my heart to yours...paradise thru my eyes

with recuerda mi corazon


Kim Mailhot said...

So glad you have the comfort and joy of that paradise for your sweet Soul !
Love ya !

Cheryl said...

So, have you moved there already?

rebecca said...

you are my gift from the sea.


I love your feet showing in these photos. You've made me homesick for the ocean. Laurie in land-locked Colorado!

Anonymous said...

Each shell holds a universe and therefore paradise. As a person who lives by the ocean, the miracles of the sea never cease to amaze me. Great photos.

Bonita Rose said...

beautiful photos.... hubby and I can't wait to be there in FL with you.. we're hoping for later this year/early next year.... we can see it!!! I want to live your life... do what I love and live near the sea.... aaaaaaah. Beautiful shells !!! xo