Monday, July 16, 2012

Chakra Photo Workshop

this is the beginning of my fabric 
"Chakra Photo Workshop" journal
I am taking my 5th online e-course with Vivienne.
There is still room to the link you see 
down below on my blog "YOU ARE YOUR OWN MUSE"
and I actually get some groovy credit!!

This is my view every morning when I walk out my front door.
I look up. I listen. I breathe deep. I say thank you.
I just moved from Texas here to Merritt Island, Florida 
   and LOVE love the swooshy, familiar sound 
     of the fronds blowing in the coastal breezes. 
I feel "home" and comfortable beneath my Palm. 

getting grounded on this first day of class 
experimenting with the "ROOT" Chakra


Kim Mailhot said...

So glad you are feeling at home. I hope the peace continues.
Much love, Beautiful One !

rebecca said...

I love this starting from the ground up. Yes let's begin with the roots of your passion and work our way up!
Cannot wait for your gorgeous unfurling.

Bonita Rose said...

You have a beautiful palm tree right there in your front yard for you to enjoy every morning. God is good. xo

Unknown said...

I know that sound and can hear it now! So jealous!

robin. said...

way to follow your heart...