Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a different pathway

"a different pathway" prompt at 52 Photos Project 
is perfect timing for me, 
as I have officially moved to Florida!!

loading up my Texas life

Yes! I now have a forwarding permanent address! 
No more vacationing here. This is my real life!
{{But hell yea!! kinda like vacation}}

A new path.
The page turns. 
Another chapter begins!!

tell me...where are you going?

a different pathway


urban muser said...

best of luck with your new adventure deb!

Sassyangelac said...


Gerri said...

That's delightful that this is your new address! Enjoy living your dream! ;)

Carol Lee said...

Love the sort of placards you've used in this post. The place you are moving in is dreamy, seems like you are just on a vacay. :)

Ed Butowsky

Bella Cirovic said...

You are so brave. I love to see where you are going, all the time.
Love to you. xo Bella

michelle gd said...

i always love your spirit, deb...

Meri said...

Well. . . let's see. Today I launched my brand, spankin' new coaching website ( people can find out what I have to offer as a life artistry and transition mastery coach. So I am traveling a new path in that respect. To reward myself for my industry (and artistry, since I did the site myself, including the custom graphics) and for meeting my target launch date, I'm getting a 90-minute massage 90 minutes from now.

Cheryl said...

I love your brave and adventurous soul.

Deborah said...

good for you!
a great path to a glorious state!

annie said...

Beautiful! What an exciting time this must be!

Alexa said...

I wanna go where you're going—looks like the perfect spot!

Kaylene said...

Beautiful photograph, happy moving.

somepinkflowers said...

i think start*overs
are such
a Gift!
to be nearer
to your mom
will bring
~~little treasures~~
each day.

isn't life grand!

Roban said...

After loving your pictures on Instagram, I decided to visit you here to find out about that colorful studio of yours. It looks like gulf breezes are your companion now. Enjoy your new spot of paradise!

Linda W. said...

Congrats on your big move! Love your last photo.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your photo journey. I live in Texas, but have very fond memories of family trips to Florida. Blessings!

leonie wise said...

i can tell you where i want to go right now.... i want to walk right into that third photo of yours and out on to the sand!

Katie said...

Fun fun fun!