Saturday, July 28, 2012

She unfolded

The story behind my photo is up today 
   at She is Three

How long has it been since you got messy inside your Art Journal?

well, it's been way too long for me, 
so now I am unfolding, unpacking, unraveling,      and getting ready for this.....

I am teaching my first class 
  at Bali Studios next month
   and the month after that...
    and the month after that!! 
So so excited to find my tribe here!!
~~Wild things are occurring!~~


Bonita Rose said...

I am happy for you.. so so happy for you! I too am praying to meet you and Sherri and belong with the two of you and change the world so ppl can see all the good in themselves and how much good they can share in the world. I already call you my friend. xo
Congrats on the new class! THAT IS EXCITING! WOOHOOO!

Kim Mailhot said...

Tribes are pretty essential to good living - brava to you for taking action to find yourself one in your new neck of the woods.
How wonderful this class is going to be !!