Saturday, August 18, 2012

love/hate relationship with cellphones

On the third week of his Round-Trip-Florida-to-Alaska 
Matt finally decided to try texting and sending photos to me...
and as you can see, his bright smile made me kiss my phone 
each time I opened a message from him!!
{remember this is my rebel-hippie-man who hates cellphones 
and really did not even want to take it along the trip!}

oh how I love that Man

Last night we cried hard together on that damn cellphone
as we received the news of his Mom suffered a stroke 
in St Louis, and will make her final journey this morning.
He is in Wyoming and I will meet him in St Louis 
next week for our final goodbye to his beloved Mother, 
Marian Hager.


Let me share something with you.
When I met Matt, he was living on his sailboat in 
Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Every Sunday he would drive his dinghy to Oscars Marina across the street from mi casa.
We would walk together or share a taxi to the 
Internet-Telephone Cafe.
It was his "Call-My-Mom-Sunday"
I could hear the conversations. Sweet, endearing, respectful, full of laughter and always ended with 
"I love ya bunches" 
This man loves his mother-friend so damn much.

At that time, he planned to sail around the world, and would perhaps never see her again. So those telephone moments were precious to them both. 
She would always say to him " You are my wanderer child, and you are my eyes to the World" She always knew he was the happiest when the wind was blowing thru that beautiful mane of his.

Since we moved back to the States, he has visited her on many occasions and several days during the week, he would use that damn cellphone to call her. And they would chatter about the latest news, her favorite TV shows and all the grandkiddos, births and marriages in his gianormous family!

So on this day, he is exactly where he is supposed to be.
In the mountains of Wyoming, with his ass on a motorcycle.
and the wind blowing thru his hair with tears spilling out onto the highways.
In her passing, she is still seeing a beautiful world, thru his eyes.

and he will dreadfully miss those damn cellphone dates 
with his Mom.

Gretchen Hargroder said it perfectly...."she would say she loves him too... and is so proud of her amazing son... hard working... creative... so giving of himself... quick to share a hug and a smile... solid and brave and strong... and if she can't say it just now... I'll say it for her... if it is her time to go... 
may she go gently..." {texted from a damn cellphone!!}


Kim Mailhot said...

Hugs and love to Matt and his oh so tender heart.
And love to you too, Beautiful One.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful tribute, deb.
love to you and matt and all the family.

Meri said...

Lots of love coming your way.

Stef said...

sending my love to you, your love and his wonderful mother...xxxx

Tracy said...

Sorry for your family's loss :(

beth said...

extra prayers and thoughts for the whole family are being sent out right this instant.....

may the road be soft from wyoming to st. louis and the skies be equally so from florida to st. louis......


windrock studio said...

It's beautiful, the love this son has for his mother and how he can feel her love for him as he celebrates her life out on the open road.
Gotta appreciate these good men ~
hugs to you all.

deb did it said...

By Justin Hager...
My grandma sissy passed away today. She was 85. She was the strongest woman I ever knew. She raised many of her own siblings and 7 of her own children and many of her grandchildren. She was the glue to our family and will be deeply missed. RIP Grandma!

Sue BF said...

Crying with you. Prayers and blessings for safe travels for you both. Much love

Sue BF said...

Crying with you. Prayers and blessings for safe travels for you both. Much love

foxysue said...

Dear Deb & Matt,

I read this post when there were no comments but had to go away, for what can be said in an instant! The mood stayed with me a while thinking of your loss, your words about this lovely soul, the mother of your man, sharing all together. It is at times like this that I often think of the quote from Annie when we were offering our Virgins a Day with Rebecca, "every thought is a prayer", so I'm thinking of you two and send my love. x

Bonita Rose said...

I read this post w tears in my eyes, never meeting you or your family yet. Big hugs and prayers to you and Matt and to all of your family. You worded it all so well Deb. So so well. Lots of light and love to you. I actually forwarded your oh so moving post to my daughters this morning... it moved me and I wanted them to read it too. xo love to you my friend. Safe travels. xo

rebecca said...

i too arrived early and left without writing, needing to sit with the weight and power of love. i cried for the beauty of a mother's heart, and for a son giving her eyes to see the wide open world. for this circle of love, for all mothers, and every son, thank you for sharing so real and raw your hearts.


Anonymous said...

That was a wonderfully touching post. I love the pics he sent you, but the story of his calls with his mom just made me cry. May her passing have been gentle.

Bella Cirovic said...

Hey love. I am just getting here and sending you & your love as much strength and positive vibes as I can. Your tribute to your man & his mother is so touching.
I'm thinking of you both. xoxo