Monday, March 4, 2013

The world according to Jack

his world closes in
now confused with yesterday 
his stories amuse

He tells Mom today the reason it is so cold, 
is because of all the holes up in the sky
Loving and living with Alzheimer's is a testimony of true love
I love you Mom and Jack
He thanks me for cleaning his glasses so he can hear better.
He assures me that it helps the sound wave frequency.
Mom is wondering if he wears his hearing aids
will he see better??


Kim Mailhot said...

Hugs to all of you loving brave hearts.

J C said...

Oh my. That is a heart wrenching haiki and photo. Needs to be posted. Well done!

Laura said...

wonderfully compassionate Deb... a lovely portrait too.

Laura said...

wonderfully compassionate Deb... a lovely portrait too.

Priti Lisa said...

Simply beautiful.
I have a lot to say,
but can't figure out how. ♥

rebecca said...

dear jack,
the beads strung on the wall behind you are a wing for your memory. see how it hovers close to your bright life? fanning the best, the brightest the most cherished of days gone by. keeping all that is good, true and loved by you nearer than words.

Unknown said...

I wonder what thread of memory those in their inner beings hang on to.

my many.

hold them close. I know you do.

Anonymous said...

i love his tenderness.
and i love your tenderness, love the way you see him.
this is beautiful.

Cherie said...

I absolutely love your photos of Jack. He is beautiful and your journey with him and your mom touches my heart. All of you are an inspiration.

Unknown said...

There is so much still beauty in these photos, and life spark in all you share.
His legacy is with so many because of you. He's appropriately placed at eye's level, here at my desk.
He's a reminder to lighten up (so are you).
"It's all over but the fun"