Friday, June 6, 2008

another clink

Gates. Iron. Aluminum. Steel. Locking in. Keeping out. Opening. Closing. Turn the page. Chapter ends. New life begins. Bridges burn. Tears fall. Hearts mend. New life begins. In the past three years, I have CLINKED shut three very important gates in my life's journey. Sealund Road in Everson, Washington. Caridad del Cobre on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Ruhland Road in Silsbee, Texas. Each one guarded a gravel road. Yesterday I locked the aluminum gate on Village Creek. The sound was eerie. The mosquitoes and horsefly bites did not phase me. I closed another chapter in my book of life. It was almost like giving birth. Painful, yet bursting forth with new life. new hopes. new dreams. Now I live on a country paved road. No more gates. No more closings. Now I am OPEN again. Open to receive love and devotion. the pure and simple. the unconditional. the everlasting. Free to give completely with no holds barred. Free. No gates. No gravel. No more good-byes. CLINK.

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