Saturday, June 28, 2008

an Artful week in the Bodega

It was a great week in my Art Bodega as we finally have the A/C repaired, so now I can create without the element of salty sweat dripping on my work! Although it did make a great element when I was washing and wiping away layers of paint!! The clipboard collage is called "NOTE TO SELF" with layers of papers and paint as the background, and a drawing inspired by so many of the wonderful artists in one of my favorite magazines Cloth Paper Scissors® and Suzan Buckner the THRIFTY COLLAGE ARTIST

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Anonymous said...

Deb you and Matt's art is inspirational and so full of happiness and pure life! I love it and can't wait to come and be hot and happy with you both!!! LOL! I might take notes from the dog and reserve a spot in your frog pond :)

Lots of Hugs and Love,