Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today is my friends birthday. Frances was born 56 years ago and although I was born 6 years later, she is convinced that we were separated at birth. We are sisters, in so many ways. ART is what brought us together and we still continue to make art together once a week! Two years ago when I was working at Starbucks in Brenham, I did not know a single soul within a sixty mile radius. I handed her that latte one morning as she placed her own personal handsewn coffee cuff, like the ones in CLOTH , PAPER , SCISSORS around her cup. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I knew I had a friend. Anyone with permanent artwork all over her body who uses her own handmade coffee cuff is one cool chick! Next thing I know we are sending each other Mail Art and exchanging art treasures we make for each other. We run to the mailbox like kids on Christmas morning. Frances always looks at life as if it were a blank canvas waiting for splashes of paint, whip cream waiting for sprinkles of chocolate or a dinner table waiting for candles and cilantro. CILANTRO? Yes, of course, cilantro, her favorite herb. She know how to spice up ANYTHING! She is the Hula Hoop of the party, the Tiara of a celebration, the Icing on a cake, the Pepper in your pot and in the lawn of life, she is the Flamingo! Today I celebrate you Frances and I want to thank you for waiting for me, as together we celebrate 106 years of OH WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE ! and thank you Alan for sharing your beautiful wife with us all!

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Anonymous said...

I hope to be able to meet this wonderful and free spirited Frances. She looks to be a wonderful friend and a fun person... Cilantro is my favorite herb too! I think we will get along great :)

Love the collage you made!