Saturday, July 5, 2008

simple gestures

I have been thinking alot about something all day, after I rode in the Fourth of July Parade in Round Top, Texas. Oh sure, it was fun, sitting on top of the Tijuana Taxi with my Calendar Girls, throwing candy, soaking up some July sunshine, sipping Mexican cocktails, waving at the crowds. THAT'S IT! Waving. Not the Queenly parade wave with perfect cupped, closed finger hand...but the big ol open handed, arm flapping "howdy y'all" wave. The kind like I was flagging down my brother at a crowded airport! Or maybe guiding a jet down the runway. This is it. This is what I noticed. People of all ages, the young and old and all in between wanted to be noticed. It was pure delight in their face to make eye contact and experience that human connection with a smile and a wave custom made just for them! Oh sure, the kids ran for candy, but what really made them smile, blush and giggle was when you selected just them out of the crowd and tossed one piece of gum in their lap. Or the old man barely standing, with a tiny flag in one hand and waving the other leathery hand at us. Seems like his day was complete. He was satisfied. Did he go home alone? Was this the highlight of his day? One will never know, but what I know now is that I can't wait to wave again next year, to meet again with all those funny big red-white-blue striped -hat- wearing folks sitting under a shade tree, watching the parade go by, waiting for that special look, that wave, that smile...custom made just for them! Simple. Free. Harmless. And just a bit of historical trivia, the Round Top Independence Day parade is the longest, oldest ongoing parade West of the Mississippi. This was the 158th year, with 143 entries, and The Tijuana Taxi won second prize! Thanks Daniel and MaryLou for the ride!

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Anonymous said...

I was one of the lucky ones to get a wave from Deb. I know it was for me and me only. If all the world could have one of her waves we would no longer need armies. Thanks for the wave.