Friday, July 25, 2008

goodbye Florida

My heart is heavy as I say goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean. The local flavor always whets my appetite for living near the sea again. When I lived in Isla, I was only a stones throw from the waters edge. Here it can be a short bike ride. In Texas it is a long car ride. But my heart floats when I am near Meteo, no matter where, when nor why.


mendytexas said...

Howdy Deb! So glad you stopped by to meet me! I love your colorful blog. You have great photos! So when is the best time to visit Round Top, besides the week in fall and week in spring? :)mendy

deb did it said...

The Shakespeare plays in Winedale are going on right now.Not to be missed! And there is always something to eat or drink in Round Top as you tour the great local galleries! Come see us!