Wednesday, June 11, 2008

random artwork

As I prepare for the upcoming Round Top Folk Art Fair where I will be promoting THE WOMEN OF ROUND TOP Calendar as well as peddling my wares, the temperatures are rising near the 103 degree mark and I am kicking out some really intense kind of artwork. Maybe because I am pissed at the weather. Maybe because I am mad at my past pains. Maybe because I fear for my son's well being as he is dealing with Sleep Deprivation. He has not slept well in six months since returning Stateside. Maybe you know someone. Maybe all the rest of our boys and girls can come home soon and begin to heal from this unjust war and killing field. Maybe he can get the help he needs. Maybe I will go there tonight, a three day drive. Maybe. MAKE ART NOT WAR. The collages are worked on Rat Traps. My healing heart series are altered cigar boxes titled LAST CHANCE, Mended and Suspended, Love is in the Air and Silence.

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Anonymous said...

Deb your art is really amazing!!! I'm in awe... You are such a deep woman and I love being a part of your world. WOW!

((hugs to you my dear dear friend))