Wednesday, June 18, 2008


After spending several days on the West Coast where the nights were so cool, I had to sleep with blankets and borrow warm clothes! The breezy afternoons kept me cool as I soaked up some California sunshine. Last night when I returned to Texas at 9 PM, it was 90 degrees! Today the temps will rise above the 100 degree mark again. IT IS HOT IN TEXAS. But we all know that, right? Well, unless you have never experienced a Texas summer, let me help you imagine it. If you live in the humid parts like Beaumont or Houston, the air is thick like pea soup. When you step outside it is just like you paid money to sit in a steam room at a spa. You want to breathe, but you forgot to bring your knife and fork to slice off a piece of wet oxygen! Your clean body never got dry after that shower you took one hour ago. Now your clean clothes are soaked with sweat in the most embarrassing parts! You open the car door, hold your breath and try to regain consciousness, because for one moment you black out at the thought of closing the door inside this car that has a thermometer that reads 116 degrees Fahrenheit!! There you sit, like a basted Turkey waiting for someone to carve you open to release the juices boiling inside of your carcass. Ahhh, but alas the A/C kicks in and the warm, balmy air begins to hep you breathe. You can make it now, for you are a Hero. You will survive another June, July and last but not least, August in Texas. Now if you live in drier climates like West or Central Texas like I am now, the dry, hot air cuts like a blade. You can almost feel the burn inside your lungs. The grass is brown and crunchy. The breeze is like that blast you get when you open the oven door after the cookie timer goes off. You wonder why we wear clothing? It is just wrong. Nudity should not be illegal in the summertime. OK, so maybe you think I am whining. YES, I am. Afterall it is my choice to live here. I hate to be cold. So I will put on my big girl panties, shut up and stay hot. grumble, grumble. The picture above is one I took recently at the Royers party. They provided all the necessities ~You can't worry if it's cold; you can't worry if it's hot; you only worry if you get sick. Because then if you don't get well, you die.~ Joaquin Andujar


Anonymous said...

Well Deb I can't wait to ROAST with you in August! I hope to survive! LOL!



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That's a great post and you couldn't have explained the heat any better!! Try and stay semi cool (maybe a miracle will come our way and it won't be as hot, we can only wish) this weekend while setting up at your show. Hope to see ya there, Theresa