Friday, November 28, 2008

Lucky me!

My Aunt Susan gifted me with some pottery made by Diana Kersey, our cousin from San Antonio. Her work is so organic, earthy and rich in layers of color. I love the way it feels to sip from a vessel like this. The way it feels in my hand, almost seems like the Earth itself. Even the bottom is artful! I love the way each one is so individual and one of a kind with finger strokes as it twirled before her on the pottery wheel. Go have a look at her website! "The very marks on the bottom of a piece of rare crockery are able to throw me into a gibbering ecstasy." ~Mark Twain~


The Texas Woman said...

Her back spash is wonderful. It's giving me ideas. We've been wondering what to do with ours. Thanks for sending us to Diana's web site.

The Texas Woman

Kate said...

Lucky you indeed! These are beautiful and thanks for the link.