Saturday, November 8, 2008

slow down

this picture I took last week is a remnant of the fall season that is passing so quickly. Just two days ago, as I walked to the post office in my shorts, tanktop and sandals, the 85 degree sunshine warmed my shoulders. A shiver went up my spine as I walked in the door to hear the woman in front of me tell the Postmaster "Merry Christmas" I thought I was in the twilight zone. Come on, the jack-o-lanterns on the porches have not slumped over into orange mush yet. The tress are still green, nothing is remotely yellow or orange. I still want to eat candy corn. Yet the stores are already playing annoying Christmas Carols and all I wanna do is listen to some Jimmy Buffett on a sandy beach. Call me grinchy, call me grumpy. But DON'T tell me Merry Christmas....YET!


Brenda said...

Yes, it is disgusting the way that Thanksgiving is totally over looked! Or maybe we over look it on purpose since no one wants to remember the way we destroyed those that welcomed us with open arms.

Sher said...

Well then move to Doha. No one will tell you Merry Christmas here!!!

hee hee.
Sher said...

nooooo, I don't wanna do Christmas... everything has turned into a Halmark moment... yuck! they can't make me... and I don't wanna do thanksgiving until THE DAY... and not a minute sooner. we'll start a grinch club... protest store decorations... cards, that muzak... thank you, I'm feeling better... a little complaining can make my day... <:-D