Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Party in Pink

In honor of so many of us who have been, are, and will be touched with Breast Cancer, today I decided to party with the rest of the Pink Survivors and celebrate their life, health and victory over their own battle with breast cancer. These photographs I took are for the Creative Cups for the Cause 2010 Calender. I can not begin to describe to you the joy and celebration that took place during these photo shoots. If you are in the local area, please join us for the Pink Ribbon Affair where the art bras and other items will be up for auction, to raise money for the Lee County Area Cancer Support Center in Giddings. and if you want a $15 calender, just email me. Today I honor each and every one of you in the calender who allowed me to photograph your beautiful body. I am also paying tribute to Cher, The Texas Woman my friend Marilynn aka "Dancing Moon", and Stacey Gaecke. Each and every one of you are heros in my heart. Carry on and kick cancer in the ass!!and come visit The Domestic Fringe for the party~ Save a breast...SELF TEST~


turquoise cro said...

"Don't be Tardy for the Party!!!"as the Atlanta Housewives, Kim and Kandi would sing!!! LOL I want one of these Beauty Full calendars Deb!!! My grandma Garnet had her breast cancer operation when she was 50 and lived to be almost 99!!!! Bravo to all these courageous beautiful women!! HUGS, love and prayers to all of them!

j said...

What a completely fun way to raise awareness! The photographs are lovely.

I took a stroll through your blog. Your photography is wonderful - so much joy!

trash talk said...

Your women are beautiful! Y'all rock!!!

The Texas Woman said...

You gals always think of the best calendars and have such fun doing them! Thank you for honoring me and all the other survivors and battlers of this horrible disease!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, creative event! Thank you for participating in Party in Pink today and for honoring your friends. That's one brave and beautiful group.


Staci Danford said...

You are a true blessing to so many lives in so many way.