Thursday, April 29, 2010

letters from home

I sat and typed my son an old fashion letter on this 
vintage typewriter in hopes it will arrive Kuwait before he returns from his mission in Iraq next week
Yep, a few tears fell as I tapped away at those chunky keys!!

and if you want to send a soldier a letter here is his address 
Sgt Kyle Broughton
511th En Tm Dive
APO AE 09337
all it requires is a US 44 cent postage stamp

 He loves snail mail , from anyone, anywhere, anytime
Tell him "Mom" sent ya!!

It's the best $10.44 I spent in a long time!
$10 vintage typewriter
random words=free from the heart
.44 postage


kt said...

My kids have sent soldiers letters and drawings in the past. I know they will love to send some his way.

Kim Mailhot said...

Typewriter - so fun. I would love to hear the noise of the keys tap-tap-tapping...

Took down the address- I would love to send Kyle a note and let him know that his sweet Mom sent me.

Big Love to you !

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Typewriter is brilliant! I know he will cherish the letter. Keeping your baby and all the others in prayer. xo Lidy

beth said...

GASP....SWOON....i want a typewriter like this !! really's a good thing the flea market is in a few weeks.....

Staci Danford said...

What a precious POST.. Everytime I hear you talk about your sweet son I know exactly the feelings in your heart.. That kind of LOVE has a language all its own.. He is one lucky fellow and you are one LUCKY mom.. Giving that kind of LOVE away secretly gives its Giver the Best Gift of all..
Luv Ya,

rebecca said...
your heart will fly into his each and every moment and brighten his eyes.
lift his heart. fill his soul.
echo in his laughter.


Anonymous said...

my little guy has a special robot drawing in the works for him. we will keep him in our thoughts. xx s

FAQ said...

Oh girl I can so relate to those tears! Our boys are both away-soldiers! God Bless them.

Miss Robyn said...

can we still send letters? I would love to send a postcard.
and I want one of these typewriters! brilliant.