Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas Trash and Treasures

It all starts with a pile of trash

add huge quantities of Richard and Linda talents, gallons of paint, buckets of creative ideas and plenty of sunshine ,
marinated with laughter and love

and you get a boatload of cool art, peace and love

I am helping my friends and neighbors Linda and Richard Hamilton kick start their business blog. She has been stubborn and resistant to all of our urgings to become computer friendly. I am dumping photos and fun stuff on their blog, so come on over...PLEASE....have a quick looksee, and leave a comment if you would to let them know....BLOGGING IS BEAUTIFUL, fun and worth the efforts!! Their art is fun-funky-fabulous! and their website is HERE!


ShabbySheep said...

LOVE their funky art!!! Thanks for leading us over there. I'll bet they build a great business!

susanna said...

How cool that?! I enjoy seeing folks create cool, new artwork out of "trash". I would definitely stop my car in front of their shop - and now they are on the web - whoohoo! You're a good friend for getting them settled in blogland, Deb.