Thursday, April 22, 2010

moments to celebrate Earth Day

"Peace on Earth" jacket I sold last year

bounty from the Organic Garden where I volunteer


Kim Mailhot said...

So many wonders on this beautiful Earth of ours !Happy Earth Day, Wonderful Deb !

beth said...

so many great photos and all i focused on were your toes....NO, i don't have a foot fetish, but i am insanely jealous that your piggies are painted and mine are not....

time for a pedicure !

kt said...

deb i love seeing what you are doing!

sperlygirl said...

okay, beautiful images deb! and i am loving that jacket!!!

Teteel said...

Colors and beauty around you and on you. Much love.

Staci Danford said...

I LOVE your Earth Jacket... so darling.

Michelle said...

lovin' the jacket. Is it quilted?
Veggies are awesome! but the carrot is a freak in a good sort of way.
Limes are making me drool.
Toes need ticklin' but not enough to make you spill the wine.
Go hug Matteo - he's walkin' to YOU!