Wednesday, May 26, 2010

some silly fun

Beth, over here, has challenged her readers today do a self portrait post. Funny, I am always posting shots of myself...after all the name of my blog is 'What's Deb Doing?" This blog started 3 years and 511 posts ago. I had just moved back to the States from Mexico, bought a Bed & Breakfast all by myself and wanted to start an online diary. Afterall, that is what a blog is, short for Web Log. Then Matt and I joined our lives and he has a very talented eye for photographs, so he began to shoot me, in a loving way of course!!  The self portraits all started when I joined Misty Mawns Wednesday Self Portrait Challenge last year. It was weird at first, then got real fun, and sparked my creative instinct to capture a feeling in a photograph. I found myself writing less, and allowing the photos to tell my story. Recently my friend Jason told me I should write more, as it seems like I struck an emotional cord in him with my words one day as I typed about my son's deployment. I usually just post what I am feeling, thinking, and experiencing without a whole lot of analysis and then I enjoy going back thru old posts, reliving so many special moments in my life, and feel grateful for this worldwide web that keep me in touch with far-away family and friends, and then the best part is how I am continually meeting new Beth, Misty, Freedom, Kim, Brenda, Hashi, Meri, Michelle, Rebecca...OK..I could go on and on like Romper Room, but I will stop right I am posting some shots from others point of view...I guess I get kinda silly when someone grabs my camera!! Thanks Beth for a fun project today!.You are damned adorable!


Cindy said...

Gurl, you are crazy cute! Great shots!

yapping cat

Meri said...

Beth is adorable, without a doubt. But you're adorable, quirky, fun with a capital F, and just too damn far away.

Teteel said...

Crazy, funny photos. I like them, I like to see you happy.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love to see you ham it up, gorgeous One ! Photos, writing, a combo of both - anything you share always feels good.
I love that Beth girl too.
Cheers to sharing bits of ourselves !

beth said...

you sexy and funny thing you....we could get into so much trouble together and then get out of it with our sweet talking :)

thanks for always being brave enough to show and share yourself with us....we are so blessed !

HLiza said...

Hi Deb I don't often comment but I just want to say today I love all your photos and words..and it's such a pleasure following your ups and downs..send my hugs to your beautiful mom..and you always inspire me to look at things happily, silly and full of love.

rebecca said...

dear friend,
i love your saga. this tying our hearts together blogland experience.
our ability to truly be there for each other no matter the distance, no
matter the time.

i love too that we support so willing each other, and the greater world around us.

i am trying something this morning in the spirit of helping women who depend completely on the work of their hands to support their families. if it speaks to you..feel free to post a call out to your peeps here.

together we can move mountains!

love you,

kt said...

these photos are gems!!