Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frame within a Frame

 Mineral de Pozo, Mexico
 San Miquel, Mexico
Bus driver, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
San Miguel, Mexico
Carmine, Texas
Round Top, Texas
Round Top, Texas

Do you see life thru a frame?
Do you shoot photos and frame the subject?
Or do you shoot the frame itself?
Come see what we are doing here


gina said...

Wonderful photos. I especially like the couple on the porch. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

Meri said...

Nice framing!

Joanna said...

Lovely framing. I've found some too. I like this idea.

rebecca said...

somehow these pictures have me missing you desperately!

Kat Sloma said...

Wonderful photos! My favorite is the statue silhouette with the window behind. I keep trying to decide - is the window the subject or framing the subject? Either way, it works! Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera!

Justine said...

love your frames within a frame - great shots

Hashi said...

I love the one of you in the mirror. Was it right after a haircut?

deb did it said...

Hashi...this photo was taken right about the time I was embracing and growing my long hair...I became obsessed with my hair, since I used to always wear it so a Pixie for years! I even shaved it all off one summer!

Jen said...

Look at that third picture... LOVE it!!

foxysue said...

I'm so happy to join such a group of talented photographers over at 'Kateyeview', each one showing their unique talents.

I love your framed 'people'shots I took a peek at the portraiture work, stunning!

Sue x

ELK said...

you captured not only some unique frames but I relish the textures around each one ... and such a artistic way of presenting them...

Kelly said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to the Artist Blog Hop! I look forward to seeing more of your work and getting to know you.
Kelly Watts

Mary C. Nasser said...

AMAZING photos and post on framing!

So glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
I am your newest blog follower. :)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

Mary C. Nasser