Tuesday, January 18, 2011

be yourself

Meet Beth.
Brave Beth.
She invited me along with two other blog buddies
Kim and Debi
to share some time 
at her beach getaway in Seaside, Florida.
She even let me bring along a friend.
None of us had ever met in real life!
It was a collision of creative energies, bundles of nerves,
armfuls of hugs, freedoms to cry
and space to just be.
I continue to let the photos tell my story, 
but if you want their version...click on their name above

Be yourself...everyone else is taken
click here to visit Beth's beautiful blog


Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

This was such an inspiring event - I've been glad to be along through blogland to witness your photographic and story telling journey :-) It took courage! And creativity abounded -

Meri said...

I have loved your last several posts. Getting to read them all in a lump was especially fun because it was pure sweetness. Miss you, girl!

beth said...

ohhhhh....i love the" me shooting the birds" photo....and i love you for being you.

Kim Mailhot said...

You showed off that beautiful Beth so perfectly, Miss Deb ! Love it ! Love you !
Wish I could have a big old Deb squeeze right now...Oh, I feel it long distance ! ;)

d smith kaich jones said...

i love this, and i love her, and you, and this is wonderful.


Yolanda said...

These photos of Beth are so beautiful.Thanks for sharing them.

Teteel said...

What a wonderful meeting!
So many things to share, to give, to know, to love.
So wonderful women together!
Lucky you!

rebecca said...

thank you deb....your love is infectious.

kt said...

oh you lucky lucky duck!

amy~ the gypsy chick said...

oh what fun!!!
i miss you my friend & hope to see you soon!
i love you to the moon & back!

Unknown said...

perfect quote...a keeper indeed.

Wonderful spending time with you vicariously