Friday, January 28, 2011

pond be gone

after two years of Texas drought, 
our frog pond went bone dry. 
It had become such an eyesore, 
that we decided to fill it in and maybe have a garden?
after much thought and truckloads of money, the filling begin
did we do the right thing?
get back with me in May when he mows every day.
Ask me again in August when the temps rise over 100 degrees, with no rain in months

looking back...


Amy said...

I think I understand this a little bit. I grew up in Austin, going to Bull Creek in the summer and driving down Spicewood Rd all year long where the creek would flood the roadway regularly. Now, when I go back to visit, I find Bull Creek stagnant and Spicewood dry, and there is a pang in my heart. A garden sounds like a lovely replacement, though. The best way to turn one beloved thing into something else that can be loved.

Meri said...

Hmmm. What will happen to the frogs? No evening serenades.

beth said...

i think you did what your heart wanted to do and that is always the right thing....