Wednesday, May 11, 2011

52 Photos Project

~I found it on the ground~
four feet
two generations
twenty shiny toes
two women who love the beach

This weeks prompt for 52 Photos Project

For the past several years I visit my Mom in Florida for Mothers Day. We get pedicures (something I never do in Texas!) 
and take our happy feet for a walk on the beach, 
and photograph them as our Sunday morning tradition!
So what I found on the ground was the ocean kissing our toes reminding me of how precious our moments are together 
and how much I really do love tradition! 
and of course an occasional pedicure makes a good day too!


Gill said...

Perfect pedis :)

Love the beach. Great thing to find on the ground...sand and surf. xo

Lis said...

I love the story behind this images ... definitely a wonderful reminder of the bond you share. What happy toes!

xo Lis

mandy l. smith said...

Beautiful! I love your tradition, hooray for moms!

Suvarna said...

a lovely moment, sweet toes, and love that colour!

Reena said...

What a great tradition! I love when the ocean kisses our toes! Tickles so good!

Karen D said...

love that red, so vibrant! I can also see the resemblence ;-)
great interview also, I loved learning more about you. I though you rocked to begin with, no even more so!

Karen (from inner muse)

rebecca said...

i love knowing that you are together.

bella said...

Lovely!! Exactly where I want my feet to be right now... dancing in the sand and surf.

Cheryl said...

I love how you're always taking pictures of your feet.

M.A.H said...

This photo made me smile...My daughter was ont he beach when I shot the same type of photo of my own red toe nails in the surf.