Friday, May 27, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

yep, I got naked
alone, in barn, side of road
 and posted it HERE 

Please join us at Recuerda mi Corazon
for Friday Haiku Love
(clothing optional) 


rebecca said...

oh deb...somehow this has me crying.
the darkness of your blog page like a whisper of hush licking the edges of your bright willingness.
holding yourself in this raw moment of being.
oh god how my body crushes me. how this willingness to unveil myself grows harder and harder. how i leave my house less and less... and wear more and more.

how i remember such unfettered willingness as
swimming naked,
jumping for the sheer joy of a body that moved without pain or even the smallest after thought.

how i see you all in your perfect willing bodies and i want to shout
let me return to the living.

i am so thankful for your unabashed beauty, i am so missing mine.

Leslie said...

i am crying over rebecca's crying over your beauty here... crying over how we touch one another's souls, unwittingly, by our expressions in this place. thank you for being you.

Meri said...

You brazen hussy! (How can I be more like you?)

Kathleen Barnes said...

Your photo stopped my heart, then Rebecca's comment broke it wide open.You are so brave. Your courage is inspiration and memory and true spirit love. Thank you.

gma said...

Of course I clicked "here" right!?
LOL and was happy I did!
FUN stuff!!
You Rock!

Unknown said...

I love how you are so very comfortable and beautiful in your skin...

and cannot be weep at Rebecca's comment


Dawn Elliott said...

I love your yearning for nakedness! So many women in our culture are ashamed of their bodies as they grow are truly inspiring! Great interview, too!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I absolutely adored your courage to snap a photo of yourself naked. It is amazing what happens when we shed clothes and fling our arms to the sky. I have not done this for a very long time, but tonight I will just before bed. And then to read Rebecca's words about her own body that your photo and words evoked in her. Rebecca, you give us all so much reason to hope. You are such a presence in spite of currently being limited in your painful body. I loved the interview, too, by the way.

foxysue said...

Now I've seen all sides of you! You are a true artist! Please be my mentor!

Sue x

Marit said...

It feels so good to be part of this loving 'haiku group', and get touched by all the honesty on the blogs. Your photo is breathtaking, your interview felt like getting to know you and your photos are divine!

Spadoman said...

A wonderful sharing of yourself exhibing your confidense and freedom. Your words tell it all. I really like those little toes the best.


Margaret Pangert said...

Deb~ This is such a graceful, sensitive photo of you. You have the soul of a dancer. Congrats for being Interviewed by the Muse!

Miss Robyn said...

oh how I wish I was brave enough to do this! i hide my body - embarrassed and ashamed. I do so wish i could be like you!!
so many of the comments above voice what I want to say xo

Miss Robyn said...

Deb, I had to go read your interview and come back here.. you have me crying with your words and photos. I so, so want to be like you - free & loving yourself.. not sure if I am putting into the right words, what I feel. no makeup or hair products - I am the same.. very similar in most things.. but geez, how do you look so beautiful? love you even though I don't know you - thankyou for being such a special soul xo R

Kim Mailhot said...

Deb, you are beautifully naked in all that you do, clothes on or clothes off. I love your for that.

Sending extra big love to you and to the awesome rebecca today.

robin. said...

...i've said it before, i will say it again...lady, you rock!!