Sunday, June 19, 2011

Days for Dads

my softball coach.
loved fried chicken, BBQ and homemade pie. 
and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. 
lawn waterer. sunbather. wave jumper. fisherman. 
baptist deacon. joke teller. card player. jazz lover. 
died too soon. 
I miss you.

If my Daddy was alive today I would bake him a Peanut Butter Banana Cake, since those were his two favorite flavors! 
We would go for a long drive to see the Texas Wildflowers, 
eat pie for breakfast, something fried for lunch at a countryside diner, drink wine on the porch after dinner 
and rock and talk and rock and talk. 
He was wise. A true family man. Funny. Creative. Strong. 
I miss him. 
So much has changed yet I  still feel like he should walk right in my front door with a towel over his shoulder and start cooking dinner. I wish I could show him that I am a successful business owner. 
I want him to know that I am loved by a man, Matt, with undying devotion and wholehearted commitment. 
I want him to know Scooter as the fine man he has become, 
a wise old soul who makes me so proud to be a Mother.
I want him to know his wife Rachel, the beautiful, sweet, funny, strong woman who stole my sons heart.
I want to say "Daddy, my brother Mike is walking in your footsteps as a father to Brady and Colby. He truly is the devoted father and also husband to Dana, you would be so proud of." 
And I would tell him that David, my baby brother is clean and sober, happily married to Patty and he walks a straight line with his God, or shall I say "rides his motorcycle with the Crusaders for Christ." 
And me and Mom share so many special times together laughing, creating and enjoying life!  

Now Jack is married to my Mom 
and he is my living father.
He adores us both and we are so lucky 
to have him in our life.

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