Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to Shrine

eyes to their future
desire to learn. help me now
deserving children

These beautiful children lived in my neighborhood when I lived in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Many of them will never get an education.
Just follow the family tradition, marry and have a family. The tradition carries on from generation to generation. But life is changing. Opportunity for education is available. 
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Time to Shrine

this is my conrtibution
handstitched and bound Art Journal
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and one more thing...
this is also my plea...

I wanna grow up. I want to meet a nice boy. Maybe he will date me, not rape me. I wanna leave this island, go to college and learn how to use the computer, balance a checkbook, play the piano, paint huge portraits, meet a nice boy, go to the opera, see Europe and visit the United States. I wanna wear a pretty dress. My body is mine, it is not yours to use and abuse. I am beautiful, inside and out. I wanna grow up. ~ by Deb Taylor~ 
for  "adDRESSing the Situation " project (click here to learn more

All I can do is what I can do, can you?  


Marit said...

You must be one of the sweetest women with the biggest heart I met on the Internet ánd byond...

rebecca said...

deb...i am remembering that this is how i met you! through "addressing the Situation". girl gone thread wild, monica, simply posted all the links of those that created a dress...i visited every link and my life changed when i followed yours!

we both made a dress...and i have to tell you yours is as haunting mow as it was then. my heart sees this as a prayer for all children.

where is this dress now???
i love that we found each other through our love of others.
for this and so many profound reasons our hearts are forever tied.

thank you for being a remarkable source of love and friendship in my life.

your offering for the gallery of hope is a thousand stitches for a brighter future. exquisite in its generosity and beauty. thank you for embracing the children and helping to raise the roof for oaxaca streetchildren grassroots.



Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You do what you do...with love...

Kim Mailhot said...

Such beauty all around. Brava, Lovely One !

Dawn Elliott said...

Your pictures of the children are so thoughtful and full of hope, and I love what you have to say about their future. Yours are truly magical words and thoughts. The Gallery of Hope can make a real difference in many loves!

Cheryl said...

Your plea for the girls' future to not be raped makes my throat swell and chest ache. Their photos are beautiful. This is a wonderful thing you're doing.

Amanda Moore said...

this is a lovely ode to some very beautiful faces.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Dear Deb,
I am so deeply moved by your post, not only by the images of the children and the point you make about their willingness to carry on generational traditions rather than move off the island and get an education, but also your reference to those girls who wished for a life, for respect, for love from a man that didn't mean sexual abuse or mistreatment. Those girls who wished for a chance to be someone in their own rite by getting and education and leaving the place where they were born. I had not heard of aDressing the situation before today. I am grateful to have come here and to know about it now. Thank you.And yes, All children are deserving.
Blessings and Light,

Anonymous said...

This is so thoughtful and caring. Thanks for sharing this.

All the best, Boonie

Margaret Pangert said...

Deb, I love these photos--everyone is looking at you with such happiness. I can tell you brought them love. Yes, education is the way out.