Sunday, June 5, 2011

Postcard from Paradise

summer bounty

basil flowers

ah yes, must be summer...time for cold white wine

vintage lace on the line

green things everywhere

Postcards from my Paradise 
 fresh, alive and GREEN!!
Summer has arrived and temps 
are already reaching the 100 degree mark!!


Marit said...

That sure looks like paradise to me! Live in it, breath in it, eat it, drink it and enjoy it!

rebecca said...

i have been head down at the computer all day, (for days really)
it seems i have hardly stepped away and i miss you so!

thanks so this return to the fresh life, i am so inspired i am going to walk outside!


robin. said...

wonderful, colorful postcards deb!! love them!!

Meri said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, I just love your pictures and the world of yours you share with us.
Love from Eva