Monday, July 25, 2011

Laundry Lust

So by now, most of you know how much I love clotheslines.
            Yep, and self portraits amuse me too.
Something has always lifted my heart when I see clothes on a line.

I usually slam on the brakes, bang a U-turn, grab the camera
          and sneak a shot of laundry along my way!

    and you know there is nothing like the fresh scent at night 
when you crawl into those bed sheets!
            and here at out house 
   we LOVE those thirsty, crunchy towels after a summer shower!

So when you are a guest in our home 
you can be assured that your laundry 
danced in the wind and was kissed by sunshine

For more Laundry Porn, click here (Deb Did It Flickr)


beth said...

i love clotheslines too.....and fresh washed and dried anything makes me happy !!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Laundry porn is a fine form of entertainment, Lovely Deb !
I can almost smell that sunshine kiss from here !

Cheryl said...

Laundry porn, huh? You can wrap me up in your towels any time.

Meri said...

Clotheslines are not permitted where I live. Too populist!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

These are the most sensuous clothes line pictures I have ever seen. How I miss freshly hung laundry. I don't even have a clothes lines in the 'burbs but I do put some of my handwashing out on the patio furniture sometimes. I assume this is you. Do you put the camera on a tripod with the self timer or did someone take them of you?