Friday, December 9, 2011

1000 Posts

I was unaware that yesterday was my 1000th post. 
I started writing this blog June 2007 when I moved 
back to the States from Mexico. 
Holy Wow! One thousand little stories, quotes, thoughts, 
updates and a gagillion photographs that tell my story.
Now what?
Here I am thinking I should celebrate. 
Host a give-away.
Say something profound.

Hmmm..but nothing is percolating at the moment.

So have a look at my week, tell me about yours and make sure to keep coming back, because I feel ya. I see ya. I know you are here.
and I love that about this little place we gather to share ourselves openly, honestly and regularly.

And by the way....I want to play something fun here. 
Humor me.
What did I ask Santa for when I sat on his knee?
Get jolly and clever cuz I need a few giggles!!


beth said... asked for world peace and good will towards men ?

ummmm......or maybe snow ?

sorry, my cleverness is running short tonight. maybe tomorrow i'll have something :)

congrats on 1000 posts....i never even think to look at mine. i wonder where i'm at ?

deb did it said... know me best! World Peace and Happiness (and Happy Bellies of course) is all we really want in this life. Thanks for playing along!

Kathleen Barnes said...

a thousand days of wonder. Your posts never cease to inspire me. I look forward to a thousand more.