Monday, December 12, 2011

Virgin a Day 12

 My dear friend, Laurie, randomly decided she needed to come visit for the weekend. She drove 3 hours. We hugged, sipped, laughed and all that. And because her jeans were adorned with our Virgin de Guadalupe I decided to honor the past twelve days with her hip-line...nuff said.
and one more thing...on this day I honor you, Laurie, 
as I celebrate my birthing date of my son 
Kyle Mackey Broughton,aka Scooter, because for a brief moment YOU were his surrogate mother, 
his "Mary"and my voice, my rock, my beloved friend. 

  This completes Virgin a Day for 12 days.


carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Amazing connection! Happy Birthday to your son ~ What a journey we have shared ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Laurie ! Hi Deb ! Big huge hugs to both of you !!!

(And Happy Birthday, Scooter !)

peggy gatto said...

What a charming and very special post.
thank you !

Spadoman said...

Thank you for sharing this personal account of a portion of your life with us. It is precious beyond words.
The belt buckle is cool, but I still am looking for one of those Guadalupe geart shift knobs.

Peace sent your way

Word verification: putifiet
I believe this really says pretty feet. I can't make stuff like this up!

Lenora said...

A perfect synchronicity to celebrate! Happy Birthday to you (and your son) I have always loved to give a rose to my mom (on my birthday)among other moms on the day of the birth of one of their children - so to you, a rose! A day you will never forget!

ps love the buckle!

rebecca said... are here in beauty and love offering JOY~!!!

huge birthday wishes to scooter and to you dear mom!

Priti Lisa said...

Girlfriends are the best invention!
Especially when they wear the coolest buckles

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The Virgin of the Hip-line is the Virgin for me! :)

Annie Jeffries said...

What a quintessential nurturing woman - all hips and breasts and love. Mary would approve.

Though I have not been able to participate these last four days, I'm so happy I had a chance to visit a few of you.

I found a new (to me) Mary yesterday and I will be sharing her when I return home.

Meri said...

Let's hear it for Guad and Laurie!