Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Rules for a successful holiday: 
1. Get together with the family 
2. Relive old times  
3. Get out before it blows 
~ Story People~


Annie Jeffries said...

That's funny and oh so true. LOL

windrock studio said...

Love the words from Story People ~
love the image from you!
Hope your holidays were terrific.

deb did it said...

this post is actually dedicated to mi Amigo, David. My holiday has been quiet,low-key and uneventful.~ Peace~

Bella said...

Well, hello beautiful!
Yes, I'm a believer in getting out before it blows :0)

Cherie said...

I love this photo of you, and you just can't go wrong with Story People. Brilliant!

robin. said...

i just love much so that i asked for storypeople books for Christmas!! hubby came through!!
loving your SP' sexy godess you!!