Friday, March 22, 2013

art journaling

celery and paint
be a kid again and play
 food is art supplies


Anonymous said...

Very creative art work with 'food' ~ Enjoy ^_^

ps. your haiku my heart link does not go this page ~ had to click on home page ~ just thought you would like to know ~

gma said...

Inspired by you dear one.Playing with food and paint,rocks. Love your celery rose. xx

Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun project to try with a certain little boy I know! Your post is just beautiful!

Mother Spring

Anonymous said...

Food is art supplies, hahaha loves it!!
love all the pictures of your art~THAT is food for the soul.

Karen said...

Oh this is great! My granddaughter and I love veggie printing.

rebecca said...

all delicious,
as are you!
link updated, just keep painting!!!

Priti Lisa said...

fantastical artworks!
the sewing and collage
the paint and the words
love them all♥♥

Anonymous said...

all great words to LIVE by!!

the celery stamps look like they are sugar coated...


Marit said...

Wonderful!!! Stamping with all kinds of 'things' (including food) is much fun. I love your art journal pages!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ love
with food
with sand
with paint
with yarn
with ... }}

Jenny said...

Found you through Love Notes - love your dreamy blog! So pretty!

Meri said...

Love the celery designs.