Monday, April 19, 2010

Girl stuff and boy stuff

As we move forward into the next phase of our remodel and recovery, I have been busy feathering and fluffing the upstairs where we are "pitching camp" and Matt tries to stay out of my frustrated way while I cuss and fuss about not having my shit together yet!! You see, I wanted to have a cute little kitchen area, dining area, sewing space, sleeping quarters and organized bathroom . Well, all of the above have collided into one another and the crock pot might be next to the computer which is next to the suitcase filled with summer clothes which is near the shop vac, which is next to the dorm fridge which is dangerously close to the double hot plate near the basket of rotting produce that I just can't seem to cook fast enough... I try to create vegetarian gourmet dinners for two by candlelight!! Well, OK, maybe just hummus and jicama.None the less, we are ridiculously happy. We have wedding bartending gigs on the weekends with Royers Cafe at gorgeous Texas Ranches and beautiful Country Homes. We are on our feet 9 hours serving cases of wine, beer and "signature cocktails" like Peach Bellini and Texas Tea. The eye candy is a feast as the rich city folks come to the country for a good time! We giggle at the "costumes" of Cowgirl Boots and lace.  Now you may wonder about that little furry faced critter...we had a family of squirrels move into our downstairs and we had to spend several days figuring out a way to evict the entire family gently. Mission accomplished. And curently Matt and I are the only inhabitants in this big ol house! And we are lovin every minute of it! Well, OK, until dinnertime!! I can't wait to be back in my Cocina Grande!


kt said...

this is a wonderful post..i love the girl stuff boy stuff photos and the little squirrel was the icing on the cake.

Kim Mailhot said...

I saw sweet stuff I recognize in the girl's stuff !!!! How fun ! I would be the same way - probably worse ! If I cannot have at least one sweet, tidy, sanctuary in the midst of chaos, I go crazy !!! Bravo to you for creating a cozy space for you two as the work goes on.
Here's to boys and girls and all the places they overlap so well...;)
Love to you !

sperlygirl said...

what joyful and vibrant girl stuff you decorate with. i love it. yes, that squirrel steals the show. :)

Michelle said...

Those are great! Love the upstairs porch! and the 'king of the hill' too! and sewing machines are all set up and ready to go! they're all great!

Remember some of your weekend 'characters' for future storytelling!

Peace, love and wine...

Staci Danford said...

I just gotta say... I love those rocks.. What a great job you guys are doing.. I know it has been a hard climb... but it is looking wonderful..
Best of wishes your way,