Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yep, I saw the movie. But what I want to type about is how much I love to eat. How much I love to cook, entertain, nurture, feed, please the palette...  and create in the kitchen!! And did I mention how much I love to eat? I am hungry again just typing this. My Mom let me help cook dinner before I was tall enough to see over the counter. I remember sitting on top of the table where she allowed me to "tear" the lettuce for the salad. She allowed me to plan the meals when I was old enough to shop for the ingredients and prepare them over a hot stove! Then came the years of outdoor camping and cooking over an open fire. Then I married young so I became Betty-Crocker-Wanna-Be in the early 70's. Then my international travels opened up my gut to so many different ethnic dishes, my favorites being Thai and Indian Curries. I was married to a Cajun, who soon became a Chef so I ate my weight in filet mignon, crawfish and catfish!! Now I no longer consume chicken nor beef...but I am a proud "Fishetarian" and would walk on a bed of coals for raw tuna or fresh salmon. I honestly prefer my foods to be as close to the source as possible. I remember my stepson once trying to debate that french fries are a vegetable. (I never eat fried food either.) Recently I read the winners of a local  recipe contest "From the Belly of the Beast" P-O-R-K! for "CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON Dipped in Almonds" ...seriously? This morning my nephew made fun of me as we ate breakfast together from the local Taqueria. Most of the tacos were filled with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and carne guisada, while mine was cactus and rice. He brought me a bouquet of weeds from the yard in case I needed lunch!!  I have been labeled a "food snob" and am guilty of cringing and almost gagging at the sight of a hamburger or those deep friend tacos from Jack in the Box. Sorry. But now  I am on some kind of culinary high this week, as my kitchen is beginning to come alive! Now it will still be rustic, as we are in serious remodel mode...the bathroom is next, then living, dining and bedroom. But at least for now, I have a working range and fridge!! I want to bake and cook everything I can get my hands on...all at once! I want to throw a big dinner party but no where to sit...everything is packed in storage, and I refuse to eat on paper plates...hell no!!  But, what I am pondering is perhaps finally putting together a collection of my favorite recipes in the form of a casual cookbook. We here at Heritage Haus Bed & Breakfast have always shared our recipes. But since we are closed for repairs, I am romancing the idea of generating a tiny bit of pocket change by selling a collection of our recipes. And if you have endured this lengthy post long enough for the final question, here it is, because I am considering a give-away to celebrate my 600th post!!....would you prefer a digital recipe collection or a hard copy to hold in your hand, spatter olive oil upon, and spill wine with????? ~ Make mine red, please~ Leave me a comment and I will put your name in the bucket for a give-away! My 600th post will be someday next week, so I will pick a winner that day!! Come have some fun with me...tell me about your favorite foods, dietary desires and culinary cravings! ~ EAT~DRINK~ LOVE~


beth said...

whew...i made it to the end :)
throw my name in for a hard copy so i can splatter grease on it from my juicy hamburger :)

did i just totally gross you out ? sorry if i did :(

i try to eat healthy, but meat is still a staple around here. our hamburgers we make filled with veggies and then some bread crumbs and worstershire sauce and then cover in goat cheese.....delicioius.

and seriously, i can't wait to have you cook or bake for me...will you when you visit :)


Texas Trash said...

hard copy . you go girl. love you.

Robin said...

Deep-fried fast food tacos? *shudder*

I'm not a vegetarian but we definitely try to limit meat and eat healthy around my house. Lots of fresh veggies, whole grains, vegetarian meals... Good stuff.

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sperlygirl said...

oh, i'd love a chance too. i am a 'recovering vegetarian'. However I have stayed away from red meat since I was 15. Now I try to include only fish and pork. (Watching Food Inc concerned me about chicken!).

Teteel said...

What a lovely post!
I can "see" you, trying to reach the counter, helping your mom.
I love to cook, i love to feed others, i love to eat. I eat meat, and i love fried potatoes...
Don't you like any fried food?
So... could i participate even i haven't a blog?
If your recipes are like "Upside down broccoli corn bread" i want them all.
Hard copy, please.
Much love, my sweet cook.

rebecca said...

i have been away a long week with the unexpected visit of a dear friend. oh the kitchen is teaming with wild meals and wilder stories still dancing within unabashed walls....
600th post??
you slay me!
i am still waiting for a promised recipe last summer...picture so alluring i begged sweetly.
maybe this is my BIG chance.

love you in and out of the kitchen!!

Shirley Blue Gate Farm said...

I would want a hard copy!!! Excited to win it!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oooooh, chirashi sushi.

Cheryl said...

You're the most amazing cook I know and I would love-love-love a hard copy. Please include Camponata. Do you think you could give me a lesson in purchasing squash, how to cook it, and what it tastes like. I recently had some form of squash mixed with chicken and mushrooms at a Chinese take-out. The squash tasted nutty. I wanted more.

kt said...

Hard copy!!! i think you can tell by the response that if you whipped up a cookbook people would be sooo into it! I think that is a great idea! I have drooled many a time looking at you shots of the food you make in your oh so charming inn.

The Texas Woman said...

I'll tell you about my favorite lamp...the blue enamelware one in the picture in this post. Darling!

Bethany said...

I would love to have the hard copy! Your food is amazing in presentation and taste!!!!!

Hashi said...

Hard copy please! You are I are soul sisters when it comes to food (and other things!) :-) I can't wait to visit your B&B when it reopens :-) Hugs!

Deb said...

Hey Deb, found you via Christina's Soul Aperture! I'd love a hard copy of your cookbook. We have a lot in common: I'm a fresh foodie, artmaker, long white haired, 52year old Deb too! Seriously! Come visit me here: