Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lucky me!

I spent a few days with my friend Brenda, after her knee/foot surgery cooking, sewing, pill pushing, spirit lifting, pillow fluffing and in general, just being available.She wanted me to spoil her. But in reality, I was the one spoiled, because I piled up with a huge stack of magazines for inspiration, a kitchen and sewing room. Since I love to cook and sew, I was in HEAVEN! It's been 9 months since we lost our bottom floor here at Heritage Haus, so I loved being behind a real stove, not a double hot plate! So me and Tom sewed up a sling bag from a pile of old linens for her and grandaughter, Maddie!


rebecca said...

i love seeing you in the white slip of summer dress.
did you make it???
is there a pattern? i am sure i too must walk through summer in such a delightful breeze of a dress.

you are an angel of care and love.
you are both blessed!

Meri said...

A nurse and a seamstress! You are a blessing every which way, girl. Love the sling messenger bag.

Teteel said...

Υοu are an angel in every way.
You and Brenda are both lucky you have each other.
Is there a bell next to Brenda?

The bags are so cute.

Brenda's studio is very very beautiful.

Brenda said...

Oh what a giggle! I could not have been blessed with a better nurse! I have missed you since before you left. It was heaven, who needs meds when they have Deb?
Thank you my love!
Oh, and your shaw and mom's hangers are amazing!!!
And Tom, he's mine!!! All mine!

Dianne said...

Lovely bag! I'm sure she appreciated your help and company... i know I counted on friends when I was laid up like that...

beth said...

poor brenda, but a what an amazing nurse and friend you are...she's so lucky to have you !