Saturday, April 23, 2011


Christina~Class of 2011
This was my first Senior portrait ever and it was such a blast! 
Thanks Christina


MarySees said...

Great photos, Deb!

Mary C.

windrock studio said...

Beautiful girl, awesome shots! Looks like you both had such a fun time ... love her boots, and her smile!

Meri said...

Christina -- you're walking in loveliness. Enjoy the journey! (Beautiful shots, Deb.)

beth said...

pure yumminess !
i love the wicker furniture/cowboy boots photo the best.....not that you asked for my opinion, but i gave it to you anyhow :)

Karen said...

You did a great job!!!... these are so fun and express joyful, beautiful youth.

Unknown said...

and I would guess not your last!
You have a way of capturing that love of life!


rebecca said...

oh deb....come link her on postcards from paradise,
certainly you have captured the promise of hers!!!
sweet have an eye, hand and heart for this!!!!!

Leslie said...

what a radiant young woman. and i love the boots : )

you did a GREAT job!