Friday, April 15, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

flowers for my friends
offerings from Mother Earth
as they fight for life

my next door neighbors, Gladys and Herbert were in a serious car accident yesterday 
on their way to doctor appointment
They are really old and super sweet. They did everything together.
She hung laundry on the line and he spoke softly
He picked up sticks, washed his truck and manicured the lawn.
They cultivate a beautiful garden together.
He raised guineas and quail.
Did I mention super sweet folks?
We followed his routine because he is really old and smart
Matt mowed when he did.
We watered when he did.
We share the same fence line.
They are fighting for their lives in separate hospitals, separate towns
Broken bodies, fighting to live.
Pray. Hope. 
Send them an Angel or two.
Thank you

Haiku my Heart


rebecca said...

oh deb...
truly this breaks my heart. separate hospitals?

lighting candles and holding them as one in
strength, healing, comfort and grace.


Ramesh Sood said...

I want to share this.. some years ago I was offered a bouquet and asked to say a few lines in poetry and I had spontaneously created a rhyme in Hindi the meaning was..

"Didn't konw that when I will be honoured..some flowers will begin to breath their last earlier than what they could"

You reminded me of that.. I am so Happy..

windrock studio said...

Deb, of course, of course, sending prayers ... that sweet couple will be on my mind and in my heart.

foxysue said...

Your neighbour honouring touches my heart, advancing years arrives on all of our doorsteps, to live next to yours must be comforting for the old couple.

May they return safely home.

Sue x

Unknown said...

their separateness is what is really heartbreaking .... something is quite wrong with that

Kim Mailhot said...

oh sweet ones, I am sending gentle healing prayers your way.

Meri said...

Consider it done -- but can someone hook them up with Skype so they can see each other?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The angels know...

Lonely Sentinel

gma said...

A call for prayer has worked miracles in so many lives.
Now is most sincerely sent to them.

Margaret Pangert said...

Very sad--I am praying for them. They have been so independent--I'm sure that has given them much in their old age. Bringing them those lovely flowers will lift their spirits, harden their resolve to pull through... xxox

Nancy said...

Oh this is just heartbreaking. I am once again reminded of this amazing song. My thoughts are with them...and you. Years ago I lived next door to a wonderful older couple. Left a big impact on me.


Jennette said...

oh Deb! So sorry to hear this! I am sending prayers, love, good vibes and more love! Hang in there doll! xoxox jennette